Multi Room / Office Systems

PVC Interior Panelling

Key Features

Sealing-The internal sealing performance of the product is good, there is no string wind, air leakage, etc. and the effective air exchange rate is up to 90%.

Maintenance and repair- When the filter needs to be replaced or the equipment fails, it is not necessary to disassemble the whole machine. Only the filter replacement or the maintenance and repair of the whole machine can be carried out at the inspection port.

Centrifugal fan- The AC forward-inclined centrifugal fan with low noise and high wind pressure makes the product more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Filter net - Multi filtering greatly increases the dust holding capacity of the filter, the service life of the filter, and also increases the filtration efficiency of PM 2.5.

Full heat exchange core - It adopts high- performance full heat exchange core paper and hexagonal A B S frame, which effectively improves the heat recovery efficiency of the product

Control system - Built-in PM 2.5 and temperature and humidity sensor to monitor indoor air quality in real time, LCD touch screen display information and face operation is simple