Area Franchise

Area Franchisee are a special type of franchisee system specially designed for some very limited areas where scope of sub franchise, unit franchise is not available which will make any master franchisee unsustainable. It is designed keeping in mind locations where cost of franchise should be less as compared to master but should have its own installation team and godown for proper sales and service to clients. Area Franchisees will not be having power to manage sub / unit / BA Franchisees for their regions. They will be buying goods directly from franchisor.We can also say that it is a Master Franchisee without authority to deal with sub / unit / BA, with permission to own a smaller sized display centre with a smaller team to manage sales and installation.

Support & Services from Franchisor

  • Site Selection & Display Centre Development
  • Training Support
  • Human Resources (HR) Support
  • Sales Leads Generation Support
  • Designing and Quotations Support
  • Technical Support for Goods and Services
  • National / State Level Promotions & PR Support
  • Brand Development
  • Product Management & development
  • Zero Stock Sales System
  • Dedicated Softwares
  • Govt. Registrations & Tender Management
  • Quality Control Norms
  • Interior / Architects PR Support
  • Managing Regular Operations & developments
  • Local Sales Promotions
  • Many other Relevant activities for development of Franchise Network

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