Doors, Windows, Ventilations And partitions

1. UPVC Door / Window Systems

SIESTO is a pioneer of uPVC(un-plasticized poly vinyl chloride) Systems and is committed to provide eco-friendly solutions for healthy living in urban India. UPVC is a multi-purpose material that finds application in various aspects of building industry due to its resistance to ultraviolet rays of the sun and hence enhanced durability. More than 50 percent doors and window systems around the world use UPVC and it is seen as the most sustainable material in the years to come. Therefore, our range of uPVC doors and windows are not easily affected by climatic changes and is very durable.

Eco Series

eco series

It is an economical sliding window, with one side fixed and the other sliding. It is suitable in places which require a single openable sash..

Color-White, Solid Color, Texture.

Key Feature:-

  • Glass thickness up to 8 mm.
  • Unique sliding window solution with fixed and movable parts.
  • Exchangeable gaskets.
  • Wide range of accessories due to standardised 60 mm frame system.
  • Integrated uPVC interlock guarantees perfect tightness.
  • Extension profiles for multi-track sliding windows available.
  • Co-extruded gaskets.
  • Excellent structural values allow for large elements.
  • Aluminium threshold with integrated drainage Easy installation
  • Sliding Series

    The Sliding Window System is designed by our in-house team of experts to provide the maximum flexibility to our customers. This is perfectly suited to the domestic residence, large commercial buildings and hotels. They are easy to operate, which makes them convenient to use.

    • Color-White, Solid Color, Texture.

    Key Feature:-

  • Energy efficient
  • Cost effective
  • Insulate from dangers
  • Air Ventilation System
  • Solid Aluminium Rail
  • Flyscreen Optional
  • sliding

    Casements Series


    You can make a great first impression only once. Siesto brings you an amazing chance to do just that. Now you can open your door to the charm and character with Siesto’s exclusively designed Casement Door System. It’s meticulously designed to provide large openings with a joint multiple sashes in a unique slide and fold mechanism. It’s sound proof and requires no maintenance

    • Color-White, Solid Color, Texture

    Key Feature:-

  • Easy to maintain
  • Better sound proofing
  • Double EPDM sealing
  • Single or multiple locking
  • Single/Double/Triple glazing
  • Better energy efficiency
  • Partition Series

    At Siesto, our in-house team of experts design and manufacture the easy to install Partition System to meet your specific requirements . When you choose to install our Partition System in your home or office, you can control the air exchange through overflow elements for keeping your room ventilated with fresh air.

    • Color-White, Solid Color, Texture

    Key Feature:-

  • Custom-made
  • Clean air
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Soundproof
  • partition

    Bay/Bow Series:-

    bay window

    Bay Windows are designed by our in-house team to maximize room space and allow more light to come into the room. They can be flanked with casement windows or single hung windows for better ventilation.

    • Color-White, Solid Color, Texture

    Key Feature:-

  • Custom-made
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Multiple angle Option
  • Glass To Glass Option
  • Good Architectural Tools
  • Special Design

    At Siesto, our team of in-house professionals designs and manufacture the customized Special Design System after understanding your specific needs.

    • Color-White, Solid Color, Texture

    Key Feature:-

  • Cost effective
  • Easy to install
  • Custom-made
  • Energy efficient
  • Safe and secure
  • Easy to maintain
  • Special Interlocks
  • Frame Connectors
  • special system

    Ventilation Series


    Siesto takes pride in manufacturing custom-made, world-class Fresh Air Ventilators in India to drive customer delight. They are designed by our in-house team of experts to clean harmful and toxic air in your home or office. Besides, they are eco-friendly and help you reduce on your electricity bill.

    • Color-White, Solid Color, Texture

    Key Feature:-

  • Saves on electricity bill
  • Easy to install on the roof without any major construction
  • Custom-made
  • Eco-friendly
  • Requires minimum maintenance
  • Light weight and noise-free
  • Hassle-free work and home environment for higher productivity
  • Cabin / Booth Series

    Siesto takes pride in designing and manufacturing superior quality PVC Guard Cabins in India. Our Guard Cabins are designed to be durable and portable. They are made of superior quality material to withstand tough weather conditions

    • Coloe-White, Solid Color, Texture

    Key Feature:-

  • Sturdy
  • Portable
  • Long lasting
  • Elegant
  • Custom-made
  • gaurd cabin

    2. Wooden Door / Window System

    wooden door window

    Siesto offers a dedicated one-stop solution for wooden doors & windows. The company has been manufacturing wooden doors for over five decades. Its offers different solutions for different neeeds.


  • Maintenance:- Wooden Windows and doors need regular Painting/ Polishing.
  • Durability under extreme weather:- Wooden Windows and doors start fading very soon; require constant re-polishing.
  • Monsoon Resistance:- Wooden Windows and doors tend to rot or expand during monsoons. Poor insulation allows water to flow inside .
  • Resistance to wind:- Wooden windows and doors tend to rattle in face of strong winds leading to whistling sounds.
  • Ventilation:- Wooden Window and door tend to have more frames; hence leaving lesser area for venttilation.
  • Ease of use:- Wooden Windows and doors have poor quality hardware which do not last long; leading to difficult usage experience.
  • Interior

  • 1.Interior panel door:-
  • Frame and panel construction
  • Panels are thinner than frames & Panels may by wood, metal etc
  • Frame may be made up of sagwan, White pine, teak etc

  • 2.Interior single wood door:-
  • Solid wood construction & Wood is 1-3/4” thick
  • Frame may be made up of sagwan, White pine, teak etc

  • 3.Interior Curved door:-
  • Made from 100% seasoned and chemically treated & Using CNC machine
  • Customized as per customer choice of design and wood

  • 4.Glass and wood panel doors:-
  • For Housing and offices & Used indoor as well as outside doors
  • Variety of strong and designer glasses

  • wooden door interior
  • 5.Wood Inlay Doors:-
  • Wood blended with different metals and materials
  • Worked with different material like stainless steel, brass, iron etc.
  • Attractive designs for interior and exterior doors
  • Surface of wooden door is very smooth & Use of automatic machines

  • 6. Ply inlay doors:-
  • Very simple contemporary design
  • Built to our customer’s individual needs and specification
  • Exterior

    wooden door exterior
  • Exterior doors are similar to interior door but exterior doors are generally thicker than interior doors.
  • Exterior door may have one or more glass panel to provide more visibility.
  • Exterior doors included flush, panel doors.
  • 3. Aluminium Door / Window System

    aluminium door and window
  • Maintenance:- Aluminium window and doors need painting over long periods of usage.

  • Durability under extreme weather:- Aluminium window and aluminium door can start fading after sustained exposure to sun. Start looking ugly.

  • Monsoon Resistance:- Aluminium window and aluminium door allow rain water to come in due to poor insulation and installation.

  • Resistance to wind:- Due to poor structural stregth and insulation; Aluminium window and aluminium door tend to rattle in face of strong winds leading to whistling sounds

  • Ventilation:- Aluminium window and doors have more frames; hence lesser area for ventilation

  • termite resistance:- Aluminium window and doors do not attact termite.
  • Thermal Series

    Key Features:-

  • Does not absorb moisture
  • The most energy efficient insulating material body thermal insulation is 2 times better than that of the polystyrene foam and mineral wool .
  • Perfect noise insulation.
  • Service life 50 years.
  • Self extinguishing material. Resistance to sudden temperature fluctuations.
  • Non flammable
  • Prevent freezing of the door at low temperatures.
  • Made of PVC plastic having low conductivity
  • Uses popular world wide technology for warm windows and façade systems.
  • aluminium thermal series

    Non-Thermal Commercial Series

    Key Features:-

    • Aluminium windows are highly durable and as aluminium is a light metal, with thinner frames it makes for lighter windows. They also come in a variety of colours to match themes around various rooms and with the colouring option, one can have a dual colour coating where the inside has a different colour than the outside.

      Aluminium-framed windows are increasingly becoming the preferred option when it comes to home makeovers or re-modelling. Window specialists make windows using aluminium because it is rust and maintenance.

      Aluminium framed windows clearly offer superior quality and variety, and most manufacturers will give several years’ warranty for their product to back that up. In this day and age, aluminium windows are the way to go. Once fitted, they prove to be durable and requiring very little maintenance, adding value to the purchase and making them a worthwhile investment for any homeowner. free, it also does not bend as easily as plastic and PVC frames.

    non thermal aluminium series

    Non-Thermal Primium Series:-

    primium series

    Key Features:-

    • When it comes to home design, aluminium is the symbolic material of contemporary architecture. It can be easily powder-coated for different looks and finishes. No matter what the shape or dimension of your doors and windows, it can be tailored to the most challenging specifications.

      its robustness, aluminium is ideally suited to the construction of large doors and sliding windows. Large timber panels, on the other hand, are prone to warping and twisting when exposed to harsh weather conditions.

      If you’re worried about the “industrial” look and feel of aluminium, you can easily customise window and door frames with the desired colour and finish. You could even choose to use one colour on the inside and another one on the exterior of the frame – just discuss these specifics with your aluminium window and door supplier

    4. PVC Doors / Windows Systems

    pvc door and window

    Key Features:-

    • PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is an excellent material choice for doors in your bathroom. These modern, man-made doors help minimize your work while maximizing your investment.

      PVC doors look like painted wooden doors, but without the maintenance required for the absorbent, natural fibers of wood. This raw material is typically a great choice for exterior doors because of its strength and hardiness, so using it indoors, away from the harsh outdoor elements, means your maintenance needs go way down. Taking PVC one step further as a material mimicking frosted glass shower doors brings convenience in cleaning as well as a modern design.

      Bathrooms are usually humid rooms in the home, despite exhaust fans or ceiling fans, but PVC doors won’t degrade in a moist environment. So even if you currently have a moisture problem that requires resolution, replacing your bathroom door with a PVC door for now will at least keep door rot and warp problems off your mind while you fix that humidity issue.

    5. Steel Doors / Windows Systems

    Key Features:-

  • Steel parts of the door frame is manufactured by using 2mm thick DKP iron sheet.
  • The door frame is strengthened with 2 mm thick iron sheet to improve sturdiness.
  • The door striker plates are reinforced with 2 mm thick DKP iron sheets and its thickness is 4mm in total.
  • There is an adjustable kit opposite of the lock tongue which was designed by our R&D team, and registered by Turkish Patent Institute (TPE).
  • Sturdiness of door frame and aesthetic integrity are provided by bed-jointed latch which is created for security latch.
  • Door frames and jambs are coated by MDF, PVC, laminate or compact laminate optionally for visual integrity.
  • 1,5 mm thick DKP iron sheet is used inside of the door leaf.
  • The door leafs are filled with glass wool for heat and noise insulation.
  • steel door
  • One side of the door leaf is completely iron sheet while the other side is corrugated iron sheet cladding.
  • 4 pieces of immovable shear pins are located at the hinge side of the door to fit to door frame.
  • 6. Roller Shutters Systems

    roller shutter

    Because Closed windows can also be beautiful. Roller Shutters are not only elegant but also highly secure, high quality and low maintenance. Roller Shutters provide an extra element of insulation in your house, helping to keep your house at a more comfortable temperature year around, all while saving you money on electricity bill as these are energy efficient. Also there is no chance of peep-in from windows as Shutters are fully covered ensuring your privacy.

    That’s not all, Roller Shutters can even make your house highly secure and safe. And also, Rollers Shutters can be customized to fit your window size and shape. Roller Shutters makes your home beautiful to look at and adds the charm which was until recently only seen at posh mansions, hotels and foreign countries. So, close your windows in style!

    7. Insect Screen Systems

    Siesto Insect Screen Systems in association with Effezeta systems(Italy) project from unnecessary interventions by keeping the flying pets out while allowing fresh air to circulate around the rooms. It is extensively used in windows, doors and balcony to offer protection agaibst all types of insects like mosquito and others.

    Key Feature:-

  • Premium & Good Quality
  • Good Visibility
  • Easy to install on Wooden, Aluminium & uPVC frames
  • Easy maintenance
  • Long-lasting aluminium frame (choice in colour)
  • Fiber glass mesh metal(Grey & Black)
  • Prevents from insects, pollen etc.
  • Multiple design options
  • Shutter systems
  • insect screen system